Friday, December 18, 2009


it is my b day tommorrow and i am super excited my birthday is december 19 and it will be awesome.

my hat

my hat dances and sings a holly jolly christmas and it is super awesome (:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hat days

i am so excited about hat day week i mean we are ALLOWED to break the dress code hat rule if we pay a dollar. i bought two! for thursday and friday i am going to wear my president hat and my dancing hat it is a santa hat that moves back and forth and sings have a holly jolly christmas. i am so excited. but now my question is why we are not allowed to wear hats whenever we want i mean they are just hats what will we do. so i thought about it and here is all the rules that can be broken if hats are worn whenever we want.
1) NONE i mean i guess you could sleep under your hat but you'de be caught in a second. you could put a phone in your hat but that could be hidden in a jacket to so i do not understand the stupid rule (if you have reasoning please comment)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i am mad at Alabama because they cheated by beating the gators. the game must have been rigged. the gators were and are better, and we should have won that game. alabama did not win by luck even though they got lucky they are cheaters because the gators do NOT just lose unless it was a rigged game. i want a re-do!

it works!

i have been working forever to get my iPod to work. hours turned to days days to weeks and i just didn't get it. then mom pays this teenager to help with some of her technical stuff and he has my iPod is figured out in a millisecond. go figure.

Friday, November 20, 2009

what i want to be

i want to be the president of the united states of america when i grow up. i am not going to put my political views in this blog as it may get some people upset, and this is a happy blog. i will say i am running republican, but am going to serve my whole country no matter what you believe in, and i will do my best for this country.

when i was little i also wanted to be president, but for different reasons un-political... so i will share them with you! when i was little (1st grade) i wanted to be president so i could change the seasons (i thought the president could do anything)i wanted the seasons to start on the first of the month because it really annoyed me how my birthday was in the fall but it was so cold outside. that really ticked me off. i know it can not be changed, but i still do not see the reasoning of this particular way of charting the calendar. if someone reads this and can tell me why i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Friday, November 13, 2009


i did not do as crappy as i thought i was going to do in bowling today on my field trip! i still did crappy but i did not use the bumpers so it was expected. in two games together the total score combined was about 140, i am proud of myself (kinda) (:

Sunday, November 8, 2009


i won this game called Risk against my dad and my brother who i never beat and i played all the way until the end and beat them and won world domination! i am so proud of myself! i actually feel "on top of the world" but it is just a fun game to play and nothing more it would suck if there was REAL world domination, i would NOT be happy then!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

hooray (:

the gators just won against arkansas! i knew they would win! it was a close game though, but my daddy said that we would win because that's what we do. it is true.
i also went to the LSU vs. Florida game in Baton Rouge, and that was awesome! i even called a play, the one where tebow passed to Riley Cooper, AND I CALLED IT, THE TOUCHDOWN!

p.s. i think it is super wierd the way those LSU people spell go (geuax)they change a two letter word into a five letter one, they work to hard they only need the two letters!

Monday, October 5, 2009


I LOVE SHOES and i just bought some new converse this sunday they are black with pink stars, now i have realized that i am a shoe-lover and i need to except that. yes of course i have PLENTY OF SHOES THAT I LOVE, they are all very nice shoes that i wear pretty equally, but i also noticed I ENJOY BUYING SHOES TOO, i love my shoes and i know there are more out there like me, like my dad, my mom, and some friends, but we have excepted it, and we know in our hearts, that there are more of us out there and more in the generations to come.


LSU game at baton rouge

the next game, Florida Gators vs. LSU....October 11th and i am going, i am not going to school on October 9th so my daddy will take me on Thursday night and i am excited,(but i do have to take a math test one day early but it is totally worth it 'cause the test will be easy and i love the gators) we should win, i mean the Gators ARE ranked higher (AND we have prettier colors...just saying)

Friday, October 2, 2009

those meanies

tim tebow got a concusion a little bit ago. when he hit his head on one of our players knees, when a stupid kentucky* player. (that guy cheated in a way no one could ever see)those meanie meanie kentuckians.

definition of kentucky by chase: the only thing good that kentucky ever came up with is fried chicken... but that was invented by that one old guy sooooo,yeah. the only thing those kentuckians are good at is basketball and farming, but seriously who cares about basketball. BORING!!! any way those kentuckians where mean because they were mean to Tim Tebow so then you are mean.

p.s. those kentucky people will never ever ever ever ever ever beat us in football unless everyone on the gator football team had both of their legs broken but still we could PROBABLY win. kentucky hasn't beaten florida in the past 23 games (or years, that is DOUBLE my lifetime right now)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


i am at marissa's for a sleep over!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



i went to universal this past weekend... twelve dollars for three chicken tenders, fries, and a coke!


i mean it is better then paying for the ticket (75$)my daddy paid for it. BUT TWELVE DOLLARS FOR SOME CHICKEN!i wish i went hungry but i was STARVING, and that was the BEST deal I COULD GET!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


me, my mom, and my brother were in the car and driving to the bank. and we drove around a condimineum, and we started talking about condominiums. my brother asked us what we were talking about and my mom said condimineums. then my brother asked why. and i said because we passed some. then he said "i like garlic bread". my brother is wierd but i guess that is how third graders are.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tim Tebow superstar!

Tim Tebow. notice how i capitalize his name and nothing else. he is that important. what can't he do, trick question he can do anything! if Tim Tebow cut himself on a sharp object how much would he bleed, another trick question, Tim Tebow doesn't bleed! silly! most people wear superman pajamas, superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas. (quoted from a paper a few years ago)

i saw this picture on my dads phone and it was a picture of Tebow and under the picture it said: Tim Tebow, it's like one jonas brother ate the other two.

...i thought it was funny, because i don't like the jonas brothers that much but the way people are obsessed with them, Tim Tebow should be liked three times more than the all the jonas brothers combined. Tim Tebow would beat any celebrity. i mean i would rather meet Tim Tebow than zac efron, or demi lavato or something.he is the He15sman. yep Tim Tebow is awesome and never forget it.

Nicknames !

i think everyone should have a nickname or a code name. even if you do not use it.
i have had for nick names in my life.

1. sploder head (made by my daddy)
2. chasey (made by my brother)
3. the title of this blog (i mean seriously just direct your head upward)
4.chasers (this one stuck like glue during my elementary years, i do not even know who made it, i like it and all, but i still here it around school sometimes, i mean it is a pretty obvious nickname but still)

i think everyone should have a nickname or code name if you do not have one you should get one.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gators and driving

the gators won against the charleston buccaneers yesterday! i went to the game. but two days ago my mom drove me down to tampa. my dad my brother and i got home and ate dinner and went to bed. i woke up and we drove back to gainesville to see the game, and tailgate. after the game we drove back down to tampa. we got home at one 'o-clock at night and went to bed.
i knew the gators were going to win because of both of the universities names. if a college does not have "the university of" or "blank STATE" then you are a pretty bad athletic team. so i knew we were going to win but the game was still fun to watch.

this is my new hat i got today! it tells the future!

Friday, September 4, 2009

i want...

i want a bike. a fast bike. a red or pink bike.i have had the same bike for almost seven years and i feel i deserve one.if i do not get one for my birthday or christmas i will be sad ): but i think i bugged my daddy enough and i am pretty sure i will have a new one within the next four months (:

green or yellow?

you know that YELLOW gatorade called LEMON-lime, (notice how lemon comes before lime) well my dad who is a very smart guy is making the STUPID mistake that it is green.i will give you the fact it has a green tint but it is DEFINATELY yellow. i asked twenty people at my school that i do not know that well and NINETEEN of them said it was yellow. also the random people at the grocery store agreed with me and not my daddy. this fight has been going on for months. my dad gave in but i can tell in the tone of his voice he is not believing the cold hard facts. i am going to keep repeatedly drilling this into his head until he KNOWS it is yellow (which it is). Just saying.